• Consultancy fees
  • Overhead
  • Claim handling
  • Group/concern Charges
  • Operational costs
  • Reinsurance Costs
  • Fee
  • Translation costs
  • Account management
  • Renewals
  • Expertise
  • Taxation
  • Legal advices
  • Privacy protection
  • Policy costs
  • Insurance premium
  • Mortality profit
  • Capital request
  • Selling costs
  • Purchase costs
  • Switch costs
  • Disbursement costs
  • Investment management
  • Counter-assessment costs
  • Equalization reserve
  • Aging costs
  • Care consumption
  • Compensation system
  • Risk premiums
  • Saving premium
  • Mandatory premium compensation
  • Remuneration/commission
  • Inspection fee/costs
  • Valuation costs
  • Claim settlement commission
  • Claims reserve
  • Additional premium for increased risk
  • Reinsurance costs
  • Fronting fee
  • Attorney fees
  • Training costs
  • Change costs
  • Termination costs
  • Housing costs
  • Staff costs
  • Profit mark-up
  • Solvency
  • Supervisory authorities costs
  • VAT
  • Insurance tax
  • Assumed premium costs
  • Interest expenses
  • Collection charges
  • Installment premium
  • Subscription fees
  • Subsidization of premiums
  • Administration costs
  • Area of residence

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Our Services

Custom risk solution with a 24/7 service.

Personal attention, specialist knowledge and independent services are the combined power of Light. With our superior level of experience we expertly look at your business situation and specific requirements.
A solid risk solution is critical for the continuity of your business, but partnered with our great services we give you an edge.

Analysis of your company to identify your key business risks.

Analyzing your current insurance portfolio to identify potential gaps in your insurance cover.

Actively searching for possibilities to decrease your total insurance costs.

Recovering the paid wages of your employees, up to 5 years prior (if you have had the obligation to pay wages for sick employees).

Assessment of conditions and pricing for current policies and/or agreements.

Analyzing the compatible insurance options in order to achieve the most comprehensive coverage.

Tailored recommendations for insurance options regarding coverage, price and your unique insurance history.

Provide a second opinion regarding the settlement of your claim if it is not handled properly.

Checking your current policies and/or agreements in the insurance market, based on a package of your requirements to generate request for proposals to assess suitable matches for your terms and pricing.

Building an insurance portfolio that meets your specific needs.

Providing professional advice in the event of claims or disputes.

Managing the settlement of your legal disputes and taking care of legal advice.

Administration of hull claims of vehicle fleets including the regress of claims.

Providing an annual management summary on current policies and/or agreements.

Supporting the employer in its consultation with stakeholders, specifically managing: processing alterations, supervising the advance payment/post-settlements on current policies, control of the participant administration and first point of contact for questions to insurers or providers.

Scheduling a consultation or telephonic support of employees in specific projects requiring general advice.

Providing specialist advice for employers in case of more complex absence/care/disability files, support in checking the so-called Whk-beschikking (decision of the tax authorities), collective value transfer, assessment on LifeCycles, mergers & acquisitions and international obligations.

Annual comprehensive evaluation of your insurance portfolio and if necessary a new risk assessment.

Provision of information about relevant developments regarding risk management in the broadest sense of the word, insurance forms, premiums and the solvency of insurance companies.

Expedited claim experience because of our existing long- term relationships with insurance companies which results in the prevention of unnecessary administrative hassle so that claims can be settled without delay.

Providing (periodic) information for employers on current events such as: legislation changes, market developments, processes, management of information and routine testing of insurance coverage in the event of changes in business operations or activities.

Providing informative employee presentations, educational meetings and/or setting up a Webinar.

Preparation of brochure layout, information memos, insurance certificates and other relevant documents.

Assessing employer’s obligations based on the current labour contract, collective agreements (cao) and/or industry requirements.

Light is wholly committed to preserving the prosperity of each of its clients by providing cost effective and comprehensive insurance solutions.

Addressing risks

Light identifies risk factors, sets up effective preventive measures, and turns them into solutions to help reduce any type of vulnerability.

Protecting human capital

Human capital is the most important factor in business continuity. Light provides smart solutions and financial benefits for both employers and employees.

Recovering from losses

Light makes every effort to maximize the recovery for your loss and to make the claims experience as simple and convenient as possible.

Our Services

Risk Strategy

Continuity is core. We ensure stability for your business by preventing, reducing or insuring the risks you face.

  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Media
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Human Capital

People really matter. That’s why a comprehensive package of employee benefits is our mutual concern.

  • Healthcare
  • Employee Wellness
  • Accident
  • Business Travel
  • Corporate Pensions
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