Our Human Capital Services

In collaboration with you, we ensure with our tailored services that your employees are competent, motivated and healthy. Energetic employees are the condition for a healthy and vital organisation.

Checking your current policies and/or agreements in the insurance market, based on a package of your requirements to generate request for proposals to assess suitable matches for your terms and pricing.

Assessment of conditions and pricing for current policies and/or agreements.

Providing (periodic) information for employers on current events such as: legislation changes, market developments, processes, management of information and routine testing of insurance coverage in the event of changes in business operations or activities.

Preparation of brochure layout, information memos, insurance certificates and other relevant documents.

Assessing employer’s obligations based on the current labour contract, collective agreements (cao) and/or industry requirements.

Providing an annual management summary on current policies and/or agreements.

Supporting the employer in its consultation with stakeholders, specifically managing: processing alterations, supervising the advance payment/post-settlements on current policies, control of the participant administration and first point of contact for questions to insurers or providers.

Scheduling a consultation or telephonic support of employees in specific projects requiring general advice.

Providing specialist advice for employers in case of more complex absence/care/disability files, support in checking the so-called Whk-beschikking (decision of the tax authorities), collective value transfer, assessment on LifeCycles, mergers & acquisitions and international obligations.

Providing informative employee presentations, educational meetings and/or setting up a Webinar.

Light advises objectively in the broadest sense of the word. We provide long-term solutions without excessive reports. Costs are crystal clear. Insight and overviews are standard, not extras. We challenge the whole financial services chain to provide our clients an independent and transparent solution.

Covering everyday risks of your employees is the key focus of our assignment.

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